Yolanda Onderwater
I am Highly Sensitive E-course

 "I am Highly Sensitive"

Guidance by Yolanda Onderwater

The E-course for Highly Sensitive People is online now!

Available on www.UDEMY.com

Isn’t it a great power when you dare to admit that you are very sensitive?

Wouldn’t it be a relief if you become aware of your own strength and can live your life with full confidence?

This E-course explains what it is being 'Highly Sensitive’ and why you sometimes feel so exhausted. And what has that got to do with the frequency of your energy? I use stories from my own experiences and add meditations.

Something to listen, something to read, some things to experience.

You can make an appointement for a session and get more personal insights on being HSP.
We connect through skype or Zoom or whatsapp.
Send an email to

whattsapp +31 6 107 300 66

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